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Butler Wash Ruins

Butler Wash is a long creek with Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) ruins scattered all along it. The BLM has created an overlook at one of the ruins in a side canyon of the wash. There is a nice natural bridge (arch) nearby and I got some good shots of recent rainwater going towards it.

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Hovenweep – Square Tower Group

One of my favorite little national parks is Hovenweep National Monument. It is a quiet little area in the Four Corners part of Utah. It is one of the few campgrounds I actually enjoy visiting.

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Panamint Wickiup #2

This site had been in the back of my mind for years and years but it wasn’t until recently we finally decided to track it down. What a quiet and neat place. It took a couple of trips and a few hours of hiking, but we finally found it. I’m sure there is more out around this spot, hiding in the pinyon pine, and awaiting rediscovery.

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Panamint Wickiup #1

There are a few petroglyph sites high in the Panamint mountains but the main attraction here is the village site with its lone remaining wickiup. I would bet there are more around.

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Mule Canyon Ruins

This is a remote Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) ruin site with many ruined towers and cliff dwellings. I had read about this site some time ago and was eager to go check it out. The site is not hard to reach, but hours of hiking and climbing are required to reach some of the ruins. I certainly wasn’t able to explore it all and need to return. The canyon bottom has a creek that probably has water all year and the people who lived here likely farmed crops.
The towers are only on the canyon rim. (Yes, I have found towers that are in the canyons themselves.) And the ruins are in hard or nearly impossible to reach places. Everything seemed very defensive in nature.

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