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Carrot Men Pictographs

Off in western Colorado is a small canyon that cuts through sandstone with a unique set of blue and red pictographs.

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Lone Warrior Pictograph

The Lone Warrior is all by himself in the Utah desert. He is well drawn and worth a visit.

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Cary’s Sun Cave Pictographs

Out in the area near Cary’s Castle is a fascinating pictograph site hidden under a large boulder. It took a few long hikes to track it down and, when we finally did find it, we didn’t get back to the trailhead until well after dark.

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“Super Cave” Pictographs

This is a sandstone rock shelter in southern Nevada with an interesting assortment of pictographs. Native American Southern Paiute and Mohave made their homes here and either could have made these markings. The site itself looks like it could have been a small encampment above a wash.

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Paiute Cave Pictographs

Inside of a collapsed lava tube in northern Arizona is a set of Virgin Anasazi pictographs. Caves were believed to be the entrance to the spirit world. 

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