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Marble Bath Pictographs

There is a place way out in the backcountry of Death Valley National Park called Marble Bath. Actually, it is two places.

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“Inscription Fork” of Lemoigne Canyon

Bill led Dan and me to a fork of Lemoigne Canyon out in Death Valley that has a few historical inscriptions. It is hard to know if they are real or not but I believe they are. This is a seldom seen area.

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“Snake” Canyon Petroglyphs

This is a collection of two sites that are very close together in a remote corner of western Nevada. They are medium sized sites with a variety of Western Desert Archaic petroglyph designs. We have visited the site a few times over the years.

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Blue Jay Mine

The majority of my trips in 2008 had been out to the more remote parts of Death Valley and this one was no exception. I met up with my dad and Dan for a challenging hike to an old mine site. The hike took us about 8 hours round-trip to cover about eight miles of rough terrain.

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“Southern Eagle” Pictographs

The Dzrtgrls led a group of us on a trip to the southern Eagle Mountains to see an area they have been scouting around in. They have made some nice pictograph and petroglyph finds out there and we have found even more on this trip! This is an interesting and seldom visited corner of Joshua Tree National Park and we had a fantastic time with this group.

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