I am often asked how I find all of the places on this site. One of the ways is through book research. What follows below is a selected recommended reading list. I own all of these books and more. I’ve even read some of them.

  • Kelso Conference Papers, 1987-1992 by G. Dicken Everson (editor), Joan S. Schneider (editor)

  • Pictographs of the Coso Region by Robert A. Schiffman, David S. Whitley, Alan P. Garfinkel, Stephen B. Andrews
  • Pilgrims in the Desert, Early History of the East Mojave Desert and the Baker, Calfornia Area by Le Hayes
  • The Pinto basin site : an ancient aboriginal camping ground in the California desert by Elizabeth W. Crozer Campbell, William H. Campbell
  • Pioneers of Mono Basin by Margaret Calhoun
  • Place Names of the Sierra Nevada by Peter Browning
  • Plants of the East Mojave: Mojave National Preserve by Adrienne Knute
  • Point Reyes by Phil Arnot
  • Prehistoric Rock Art of California by Robert F. Heizer, C. W. Clewlow Jr.
  • Prehistoric Rock Art of Nevada and Eastern California by Robert F. Heizer
  • Prehistory of Black Canyon by Charley Howe
  • Preserving the Glory Days: Ghost Towns And Mining Camps Of Nye County, Nevada by Shawn Hall
  • Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest by Arthur H. Rohn, William M. Ferguson

More to come!

If you have a suggestion for a book I don’t have and should include in my library, please let me know.

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