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Don’t forget to check my Last Modified Trips page which automatically shows the posts I’ve worked on recently. I work on this site all the time.

March 11, 2021

I scheduled a few upcoming posts. Don’t forget to check the Preview page.

March 5, 2021

I added some aerial photos to the Oakland Mine. They come courtesy of my friends over at ProAerial Media.

March 1, 2021

I’ve been working and adding trips to the site. As of March 1st, here is a list of posts with Previews and Directions:


  • Southern Nevada Mine
  • Samuelson’s Rocks
  • Twin Tanks
  • Barker Dam
  • Chaparrosa Peak
  • Stuck on Soda Lake
  • Hidden Valley
  • Virginia May Mine
  • Johnny Lang Mine and Quail Mountain

These trips are already posted and have directions:

  • Adamson Mine
  • Arcturus Mine and Buckwheat Wash Dunes
  • Bob and Ward’s Cabin
  • Clark’s Pass Bullseye
  • Garrett’s Arch
  • Oakland Mine
  • Owlhead Mountains Fuel Tank and Dart
  • Pipes Canyon
  • Silver Dyke Mine
  • Surprise Tank Petroglyphs
  • Wall Street Mill

This list will eventually be too long to post here.

Thanks for all of your help! I appreciate it.

Feb 2021

I started using Patreon to support this site. Please see my Support page on Patreon. What is Patreon you ask?

My goal is to make my site sustainable: I’ve had it up for more than two decades. It has hundreds of trips, over ten thousand photos, and thousands of hours of work put into it. 

I’ve always wanted to write a guidebook but the remote backcountry places I like to go and the various regions I cover always made it too hard to put into any single book. And some areas only have a few trips while others have hundreds. 

These factors always made authoring a book or a series of books difficult. It is still something I think about but haven’t tackled yet. lets me bring my photos and research to you directly. In a few separate ways it is superior to a book: It allows me to post thousands of photos (where a book would only allow a few photos), I can add new trips daily (instead of waiting a year for a book to be published), and I can edit it as I discover new information. 

It’s not, however, sustainable without your help. 

I’ve toyed with putting ads on the site, but they never produced much money and YouTube isn’t my thing. I’ve thought about doing eBooks but, again, some of them would only have a few trips while others would have a ton. Also, they would have a delay in updating versus having a website. 

So, I’m continuing with my site for now. 

If you find it useful, please consider supporting my work and see what benefits you can get. Your help means I can keep sharing these places with you. Thank you!


I have a page that shows the posts that have directions.


Patrons can see upcoming posts. These are not available to non-patrons.

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