Lakeshore Mine

I hiked up an old forest road to a mining camp that sits along the shore of a small glacial lake. It was a pretty neat find, nearly a dozen cabins in various states of collapse remain. A fallen mill sits just below the mine.

The Lakeshore mine was discovered around 1900 and, by 1902, a 10-stamp mill was built on-site. A cyanide plant and ball mill were later added to the operation. The mine produced good amounts of gold and silver until 1929. The camp saw sporadic activity afterward but never produced much again.

I only ventured into the mine a short distance. Besides being exceedingly wet, there was quite a bit of break-down in the crosscut tunnel. Regardless, this was a fun hike to the cabins and a beautiful lake.

Last Updated on August 1, 2020 by Guy Starbuck