“Beef Man” Mine

A while back I took a few days off and went to Montana to do some mine exploring with my friend Gabe. He said he had a couple of interesting mines to show me. He wasn’t wrong!

One of the mines we stopped at was first worked in the 1920s and completely unremarkable on the surface. When I saw the entrance decline, I wasn’t too thrilled. All of the support timbers had rotted away from mold. After a while, though we got into better ground. We left the decline shaft and climbed onto a sublevel. It wasn’t long after that when we came to a couple of ore cars and not only that, but they were wooden ore cars! A rare find indeed.

The mine had more to give though. We found a neat intact Anaconda air-powered hoist as well as few more ore cars and other artifacts too. All in all, it was a great day!

So, I had a question on why the name for this mine. Well, there is a carbide drawing in a drift labeled “Beef Man” that I can’t show here. It’s definitely NSFW!

I’ve been asked not to give directions to this site. Enjoy my photos!

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Last Updated on March 19, 2021 by Guy Starbuck