Striped Butte Fallout Shelter

Was this old mining adit made into a fallout shelter? Maybe it is one of Charles Manson’s secret hideouts? Perhaps a local resident and miner set it up as an apocalypse bug-out shelter? Maybe one of many in the area? Your guess is as good as mine! Someone stockpiled supplies out here near Barker Ranch in Striped Butte Valley area of Death Valley National Park during the 1960s.

When I heard about it, I called up Dan and we set out to find it. The hike wasn’t too bad and we passed by an old mining camp along the way. We almost walked right by the shelter, it is so well hidden! After a couple of minutes removing rocks from the entrance, we went in.

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Striped Butte Fallout Shelter
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Last Updated on August 4, 2020 by Guy Starbuck