“S & O” Cabin

As is often the case, I know about a ton of places but never have the time to visit them. This backcountry cabin out in the Death Valley area falls into that category. Recently, I finally had the chance to get out and search for it.

I’m not sure if the cabin is associated with an actual mine or not. It feels more like it was just for prospecting. While I was hiking, I passed by a small copper prospect, but it didn’t seem like it was connected to the cabin.

Prospecting activity here is pretty old; the cans littering the site suggest the camp dates from at least the 1910s or before. Inside of the cabin is a box shelf with the signature “Death Valley Corly (?) May 6, 1949.” This seems pretty late for the area. I think it is just graffiti. But an astute reader pointed out to me that the signature could be from “Death Valley Curly” instead, a noted guide, prospector, and mineral collector of the time.

Besides being remote, the really interesting thing here was finding an old bellows inside the cabin. I’m sure it was once outside next to what appears to be a crude blacksmith shop but was taken inside for protection from the weather. It’s great to see one out in the wild!

I’ve been asked not to give directions to this place but if you find it, please leave everything you find for the next explorer to find.

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Last Updated on March 5, 2021 by Guy Starbuck