A few years back, we visited little-known Johnny Shoshone Spring inside of Death Valley National Park. It is a place I’ve been curious about for some time. The spring is not much more than a seep but what is interesting is that this was a summer camp of Johnny Shoshone, one of the last of the Panamint Shoshone Indians living in the Panamint mountains.

I believe it was last occupied in the late 1930s (or even occasionally to the 1950s?) and, judging from the debris and tin cans still on-site, it had to be occupied as early as the 1890s and possibility of a long time before that. There are remains of a cabin tucked in the pinyons here and at least a dozen cleared areas for tents.

Please respect this site and leave everything as you find it. It is illegal to remove anything in a National Park.