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Canyonlands, Arches, Grand Gulch, Bears Ears, Tavaputs Plateau and Uinta Basin regions.

Robidoux Inscription and Pictographs

On a late autumn day in 1837, a fur trapper from Santa Fe, Antoine Robidoux, stopped along a narrow canyon in the Territorio de Alta California (what is present-day Utah).  Beaver pelts were surprisingly lucrative at the time and, as hard it is to believe today, the Uinta River was a haven for them.

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Thompson Canyon Pictographs

The Thompson Canyon Pictographs site (also known as the Sego Canyon Pictograph site) is an impressive place. Large panels of Ute, Fremont, Anasazi, Barrier Canyon, and Archaic pictographs and petroglyphs adorn the cliff walls of the canyon. People have been coming to this spot in the canyon and painting pictographs here for thousands of years. Why remains a mystery.

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Montezuma Creek and the Three Kiva Pueblo

There are many small Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) ruins and Ute and Anasazi petroglyph sites scattered along Montezuma creek. Some are hard to spot, so you have to keep an eye out for them. Near the middle of the canyon is Three Kiva Pueblo where the BLM has restored one of the kivas for people to check out. The pueblo was probably used until around 1300. It was very interesting and quite a special place.

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Butler Wash Ruins

Butler Wash is a long creek with Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) ruins scattered all along it. The BLM has created an overlook at one of the ruins in a side canyon of the wash. There is a nice natural bridge (arch) nearby and I got some good shots of recent rainwater going towards it.

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