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Western Nevada and the Black Rock Desert

Agai Pah Pictographs

Agai Pah is the Northern Paiute name for Trout Lake or Walker Lake as we know it today. This is an intriguing pictograph site. Located on an isolated boulder, red pictographs appear on a single side of the boulder. Different people have taken different meanings from the symbols.

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Kay Cooper Mine

Located in 1946, this tungsten mine is a fairly recent discovery. In 1949-50, the mine was worked by Carl Cooper and R. C. Peterson of nearby Gabbs. It was later worked by a Ray Ricketts.

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“Wooden Ore Car” Mine

Around 2007, I read a book on Nevada mining history that had a photo with a wooden ore car sitting out front of a mine. “Wow!”, I thought to myself. “That would be an incredible sight to see.” Of course, I immediately set out to find it.  I scoured my notes, looked over maps and asked my friends – No luck.

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