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Central Nevada and Elko Country

Sprucemont Ghost Town

Sprucemont (really called Spruce Mountain) was actually a few mining camps spread across Spruce Mountain. First mined for lead-silver ore in 1869, it was a long-lived and successful mining area. The mines here produced ore all the way into WWII; almost a hundred years worth. 
The mines are now caved and only a few ruins stand today. It remains a very picturesque site.

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Ames Camp

Roy Ames located some fluorspar claims in the hills above this little camp in 1941 but it doesn’t appear that he produced much if any fluorite. I suspect some of the buildings were already here by that time but he probably improved them. Roy passed away in 1966 and is buried in Tonopah.

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“Catalonia” Mine

Not too long ago (in the late summer of 2015, to be exact), we drove to this little abandoned mining camp in the backcountry of Nevada. As we got closer, we discovered the old road was completely overgrown and lost in the willows.  So we got out of our trucks and hiked in. I was interested to see if anything remained of the old mill that once served the mine.

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Bald Mountain Wash Petroglyphs

Brownie Sam and Emmett Rosse, two Shoshone cowboys, stopped alongside this huge volcanic boulder in late October of 1932. It is a place where their ancestors had camped many times. The ancients had carved numerous symbols on this rock, they decided they would too. They stood on the backs of their horses and added their names to the record above the petroglyphs below.

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“Titan” Gold Mill

A few years back, we found this huge abandoned gold mill out in Nevada. It is similar in size and scope to the Atlanta Mill (now destroyed) that we visited some time ago. This mill was abandoned decades ago and has sat idle since. Vandals have ransacked some of the place but a surprising amount of equipment is still left.

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