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Lakeshore Mine

I hiked up an old forest road to a mining camp that sits along the shore of a small glacial lake. It was a pretty neat find, nearly a dozen cabins in various states of collapse remain. A fallen mill sits just below the mine.

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Hecla Mining Camp

In 1872, William “Billy” Spurr and James Bryant discovered the Trapper lode high in a cirque on Lion Mountain. News of the silver strike spread and soon other miners staked claims all over the mountainside. The barren slope got its name when a prospector thought he saw a mountain lion high up on the hillside. Turns out it was a white mule, but the name stuck.

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Marietta Mill

An old mill, lurking in the hills above Virginia City, Montana, has almost completely fallen into ruin. Years of harsh winters and neglect have left hardly anything left standing to explore.

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