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Forest Rose Mill

During the summer of 2017, we visited a few cabins and mills in Montana. We covered a lot of ground and, while tiring, it was a great trip!

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Brooklyn Mine (Boulder Creek District)

I couldn’t find much history on this spot. Only that it was worked in 1907 for silver, lead, zinc, and some copper. Reportedly it was an underground hydraulic operation to wash ore out of the vein. That must have been something to see.

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Scratch Awl Mill

Over this last summer, we visited a few old mining ruins in Montana. We went out of our way to visit the Scratch Awl Mine as I was hoping there would be some equipment left on site to see.

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Algonquin Mine

The Algonquin is an old mine. It was one of the earliest mines in Montana’s Philipsburg district. By 1877, it was being worked by a 10-stamp mill for silver with minor amounts of gold. The mill proved inefficient and a new 20-stamp mill was soon installed. Reportedly, there was an 80-stamp mill here but I didn’t see it. That could be a reference to the huge mill nearby at Granite.

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Blackmail Mill

There isn’t much left at this old silver mill also known as the Moorelight. I had a fun time climbing around and through the broken timbers.

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