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Lake Tahoe and the Northern Sierra

“Early Californian” Mine

On a trip in 2005, we were hiking through thick Sierra Nevadan forest in search of an old mine with a long tramway. It turned out to be a bit of a longer hike that we thought it was going to be and we weren’t seeing a tram. Instead, we found this little mining camp. Not much here except an abandoned cabin and a nice ore car. We poked around the camp for a bit but the sun was going down, so we hiked back to our campsite. We never did find that old tramway. I guess I need to wander around the forest some more.

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Lake Basin Petroglyphs

Back in 2005, Alysia and I made a brief stop at a petroglyph site high in the Sierra Nevada near Gold Lake. Petroglyphs near the crest are rare in my experience. And though the site is very small and the petroglyphs are faint, it was an exciting find for us.

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Golden Bear Mining Camp

Back in 2005, Alysia and I met up with Bill, Dan, Lewis and his daughters Sarah and Rachael for some exploring in the northern Sierra Nevada. We spent a couple of days in the forest exploring mines and jumping into rivers at the end of the day. This is a fantastic area.

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Morning Glory Stamp Mill

The Morning Glory mine was a small mine and overshadowed by larger neighbors. The vein had been discovered by at least 1900 but little work was done. Mining seems to have always been intermittent. There was a rich strike in 1910. It was active in 1917 for a few months and idle by 1918. In 1925, the Alleghany Morning Glory Mining Company was putting in drifts and raises in the mine but by 1928 the mine was idle again. The mine had a recorded output of $100,000 of mostly free gold in quartz. The workings consist of at least four levels, 2,500 ft of drifts and 600 ft of raises. The entrance is collapsed now.

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