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Inyos, White, and areas East of the Sierra Nevada

Silver Canyon Cabin

In summer of 2014 and at the end of an exploring trip in the White Mountains of eastern California, we decided to take a little side trip to a cabin I had heard about. From what scarce history I could find on the place, there didn’t seem to be any mining activity in the area to justify a cabin at this location, so I was curious why it was there.

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“Sandstone” Cabin

We stumbled across this remote cabin back in 2010. Like so many cabins I come across, I haven’t been able to find the history on this one. I call it the “Sandstone” cabin because there is a bit of sandstone in the area, which is quite unusual. There are a few minor silver prospects nearby and I suspect this cabin was built to support one of them.

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White Mountains Wickiup

I had heard about a wickiup, high in the White Mountains, a while back and thought it would be an interesting find. The information I had didn’t give me the exact location and I really didn’t know if I would be even close (which is the case more often than not). But still thought I might have enough clues to track it down. This was not an area I had been to before, so after studying topo maps for a while I took a guess where it might be and planned my trip. If nothing else, it would be a nice hike in the pinyon pine forest.

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