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Anza Borrego and the Southern Desert

Oro Copia Mine

The Oro Copia (also known as the Dos Palmas) is an old mine in the heart of the Orocopia Mountains. It was discovered in 1892 by Edward Fish, his son G. B. Fish and C. O. Barker (of Joshua Tree dam fame). The ore body was reported to be quite rich with gold and they quickly erected a two-stamp mill down at Dos Palmas Spring.

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Mule Tank Petroglyphs

Mule Tank is a small, seasonal tinaja along the foothills of the Mule Mountains along the Colorado River. It is a long walk to any other source of water, so this catchment would have been an important source of water in this vast and arid region. The petroglyphs themselves are in the small canyon below and at the tank.

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“Zion Wash” Petroglyphs

This petroglyph site is a small one in the Sonoran desert. It is a dry and harsh area. Scattered among the heavily varnished boulders are a few Desert Abstract petroglyphs. I also found what appear to be rock circles. Maybe this was a small village? This site is also known for a rock that is supposed to ring when you tap it. I didn’t tap on any rocks but the area certainly has had some native American activity.

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