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Category: Sonoran Desert

Big Eye Mine

My friend Micah and his family joined us for a fun little trip to the great Sonoran desert at the start of 2016. Winter is a great time to be in the southern deserts and this time we had our sights set on the Big Eye Mine which is down in the south end of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and the Castle Dome Mountains. The mine is reached by fifteen miles of 4wd roads.

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Quail Point Petroglyphs

I met up with friends Rick Colman and Rob S. to explore a lesser-visited petroglyph site in Arizona. We didn’t know what we would find. We discovered Quail Point has hundreds of petroglyphs and was certainly worth the trip.

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“Eagletail” Wilderness Petroglyphs

On a cold and overcast morning in the winter of 2013, I did a little hike in the Eagletail Wilderness just west of Phoenix. I don’t get over to Arizona that often and a desert full of tall saguaro cactuses is a different experience for me. This is fantastically scenic country.

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Tyson Wash Petroglyphs

We made a brief stop at the well-known Tyson Wash petroglyphs. The fact that the site has seen heavy visitation for years and isn’t vandalized is kind of amazing.

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Dripping Springs Petroglyphs

In the Plumosa Mountains of western Arizona, a small seep drips out of a cave in a solid rock cliff. It is a small oasis for animals in the otherwise arid Sonoran desert; people noticed it too.

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