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I started this website,, way back in the dark ages of the internet (aka 1997) to track my hiking and peak-bagging adventures. I’d always preferred to hike to the more remote and seldom-visited peaks. Along the way, I passed countless historical mines and prehistoric rock art sites. Over time, I noticed they were being vandalized. History was disappearing. I decided to document what sites I could. 

This website only shows a fraction of the places that I’ve been to. My photo collection contains over 64,000 photos, of which more than 14,000 are here on this site.

It takes a lot to run this site. Please consider donating to it. I appreciate it.

And although I can’t reveal some locations of the places I visit, I hope to share them with you here. Please respect and enjoy.



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Published Works


“Searching for Petroglyphs in the Cottonwoods”, Panamint Breeze. June 2011.

Photos published in:

Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History. Flyer. 2013.

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“Historical Sites in Joshua Tree Closed Due to Theft of Artifacts” by David Halligan, The Survivor, Fall 2016.

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TRACCE Rock Art Bulletin by Maarten van Hoek. 2015 & 2018.

“Tybo, Nevada” by Robert McCracken and Jeanne Sharp Howerton. 2016.

“The Cosmological Connections to Rock Art in the Great Basin and California”. Western Carolina University. by Samantha Clark, Clara Ennis, Brittany Hormel, and Kaley Kelly. Poster. 2019.

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