Cary Ranch Pictographs

These are very interesting.

A few years ago, my friend Rick and I were invited out by Dick Cary to visit his historic Cary Ranch and examine some of the pictographs there. The ranch area was first inhabited by the Mountain Cahuilla indians. The site is near a natural pass and an old indian trail that connects inland Southern California shrub lands to Anza Borrego country of the Sonoran Desert.
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Moreno Maze Pictograph

I made this false color image to pull out some of the detail in the maze design.

Western Riverside County has a handful of unique Native American rock art maze drawings. The most well-known of them is the Hemet Maze. It is a petroglyph of complex design carved directly into granite. There are however other lesser known rock art mazes and one of them is the Moreno Maze pictograph. The meaning behind these mazes is vigorously debated among rock art researchers but it remains a mystery.
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Mockingbird Canyon Pictographs

False color brings out some details.

Nestled in a rural neighborhood in Riverside, the Mockingbird Canyon pictographs are a hidden gem. Believed to be the work of the native Luiseno indians, an impressive set of polychrome pictographs are on the ceiling of a granite rock shelter. The circles, nets and lines are thought to represent the night sky and the Milky Way.
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Cave of the Four Horsemen

Color enhanced.  You can see some earlier pigments here as well.

This is an impressive set of pictographs inside of a rock shelter high in the Santa Monica mountains above Malibu. The cave itself is a natural overhang near a local landmark. The site is particularly interesting because it portrays four mounted riders.

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Motte Rimrock Reserve Pictographs

These are a spectacular set of pictographs located inside of the University of California Motte Rimrock Reserve. The Reserve is private and set aside for study and research only. I was enough lucky to be invited on site. There is a caretaker living here at all times. Please do not trespass.

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