Summit Mine

Waste rock was easy to get rid of.

High up in the spires of the Sierra Nevada there lies a hidden and seldom visited mine where a trail goes through the mountain.
To get there, you have to follow a steep trail across jagged granodiorite cliffs. A thousand feet below is the old mining camp of Lundy and the views of 13,057′ (3,979m) Mt. Dana across the canyon are quite spectacular.
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Adamson Mine

At 12,990′, the Adamson is the highest mine in the Sierra Nevada. And as you might suspect, getting there is no easy feat. It is a strenuous 8.6 mile (one-way) and 3,670 foot climb up the rugged Wheeler Ridge to reach it. This is the top of the Sierras. Altitude sickness is a real concern here so be aware of headaches and fatigue. Turn around and head down if you feel sick.
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Crystal Stanislaus Cave

Brian poses in the big room.

Alysia and I met up with Brian and his daughter Alisha for a little cave exploring around the Stanislaus River.  This wild cave is accessible by a hundred foot climb up a steep limestone cliff. The cave is small and only has only a few rooms to explore. And although some of the stalactites in the cave have suffered vandalism over the past one hundred years since its discovery, it is still a pretty awesome place.

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“Early Californian” Mine

Nice side dump ore car and mine adit.

On a trip in 2005, we were hiking through thick Sierra Nevadan forest in search of an old mine with a long tramway. It turned out to be a bit of a longer hike that we thought it was going to be and we weren’t seeing a tram. Instead, we found this little mine camp. Not much here except an abandoned cabin and a nice ore car. We poked around the camp for a bit but the sun was going down, so we hiked back to our campsite. We never did find that old tramway. I guess I need to wander around the forest some more.

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“Piute” Stamp Mill

The remains of a three stamp mill.  Battery and bull wheel are still in place.

With a tip from our friends at Explore Historic California, we found a small three stamp mill in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Not much is left but it is an interesting little find. I haven’t found much history on it.
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Grass Lake Petroglyphs

Alysia and petroglyphs

Back in 2005, Alysia and I made a brief stop at a petroglyph site high in the Sierra Nevada near Grass Lake. Petroglyphs near the crest are rare in my experience. And though the site is very small and the petroglyphs are faint, it was an exciting find for us.

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“Song” and “Sun” Mines

Same hoist winch but in another mine.

Back in 2004, Morgan, Ric and I were out exploring in the Stanislaus National Forest on the hunt for some interesting mines. These two old steam hoists we found in separate mines were great and rarely seen still out in the wild.
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