“Palmetto Wash” Petroglyphs

It is a nice site. Hopefully it sees no more damage.

Over the years, I have visited this small petroglyph site many times. It is not too far from the road, so it makes for a nice spot to take a break.

During a recent visit with my family, we were saddened to find some drill holes have been made into the volcanic rock adjacent to some of the ancient petroglyph panels. What a shame! I’m not sure if someone was attempting to steal the petroglyphs or if someone was taking core samples to study the volcanic rock. Either way, it was careless and a federal crime. I hope whoever caused the damage faces some punishment and restitution so repair work can be done.
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“Catalonia” Mine

This cabin was the main residence.

Not too long ago, while out exploring around the Nevada backcountry, we drove over to this little abandoned mining camp. As we got closer to the mine, we discovered the old road was completely overgrown and lost in the willows so we got out of our trucks and hiked in. I was really interested to see if anything remained of the old mill that once served the mine.

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Bald Mountain Wash Petroglyphs

Cowboy signatures.

Brownie Sam and Emmett Rosse, two Shoshone cowboys, stopped alongside this huge volcanic boulder in late October of 1932. It is a place where their ancestors had camped many times. The ancients had carved numerous symbols on this rock, they decided they would too. They stood on the backs of their horses and added their names to the record above the petroglyphs below.

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Anderson Cabin

A-ha! What's this?

I was out exploring in the wild hinterlands of Utah a while back, a backcountry cabin caught my eye. There aren’t many other cabins (or mines) out here, so I definitely wanted to pay this one a visit.
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“Titan Gold” Mill

Note the mine office across from me. I'll head over there soon.

A few years back, we found this huge abandoned gold mill out in Nevada. It is similar in size and scope to the Atlanta Mill (now destroyed) that we visited some time ago. This mill was abandoned decades ago and has sat idle since. Vandals have ransacked some of the place but a surprising amount of equipment is still left.

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J and J Cabin

Cabin with autumn colors.

Last autumn, we hiked cross-country over a mountain to a seldom visited mine and cabin along a stream in central Nevada. It is a quiet and peaceful spot among the aspen trees.

The mine is caved-in but once consisted of an open stope with an adit leading deeper into the mountain. Some nice looking gold ore sits on the mine dump just outside the adit. Down below, there is a small mine camp with an empty cabin and outhouse. Ruins of what appear to be an older make-shift blacksmith shop stand nearby. I found some tin cans and broken wooden pieces of a bellows hidden in the sagebrush. All waiting patiently for some forgotten prospector to return.

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Senator Mine

Mine camp.

High on top of a mountain in central Nevada is the Senator quicksilver mine. The history of the mine is a little hard to follow as the property changed hands a few times and recorded owners and production are missing, but from what I can tell, the mine was first operated in 1925 and ran until WWII.

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