Spoked Wheel Geoglyph

The spoked wheel geoglyph.

At the end of a long day exploring pictographs around the badlands of Anza Borrego, we made one last stop – the Spoked Wheel Geoglyph.
This ceremonial site is a twenty foot diameter geoglyph consisting of two circles with spokes connecting them. A native trail runs nearby.
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“Panamint Valley Geoglyph #2”, Death Valley National Park

Interesting design.

I was out in Panamint Valley and wanted to hunt for a geoglyph site and Native American indian trail. I found the trail first. I walked portions of it and came across the geoglyph site. It isn’t on the trail but offset close by. The geoglyphs are complex and abstract linear (mostly) closed cell designs. It is a interesting and good-sized site.
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Mule Tank Petroglyphs and Intaglios

Note a male figure on the left and you can barely see a female figure on the right. Female figures are rare in this region. This one is thought to be a shaman. The diamond chain is considered a female sign too.

Mule Tank is a small, seasonal tinaja along the foothills of the Mule Mountains along the Colorado River. It is a long walk to any other source of water, so this catchment would have been important source of water in this vast and arid region. The petroglyphs themselves are in the small canyon below and at the tank.
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Howe’s Tank Petroglyphs

I can see why they were here.  This water hole would have been paradise in this desert.

I made two trips in search of the petroglyphs at Howe’s Tank. The first trip I was close but ran out of time just a little ways from the site. I went out a week later with Howe’s Tank as my main goal and found it after a little searching. The tank is the result of a wash going over a lava cliff. Floods have scoured out a hole and it fills with seasonal water. This is a life saving resource in this barren wasteland. Photography was pretty tough, as I was shooting directly into the sun. But don’t let my poor pictures turn you away from this special site.
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