Swasey’s Cabin

Swasey's Cabin.

Swasey’s cabin was built in 1921 by the well-known Swasey brothers as a line cabin. They would stay out here to watch over their cattle. Out behind the cabin, in one of the canyons, they had an icebox setup where they would store meats and any other foodstuffs. I’m not entirely sure which canyon it was though.

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Hidden Forest Cabin, Desert National Wildlife Refuge

The Hidden Forest Cabin

Tucked away inside a canyon of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge is the Hidden Forest Cabin. Built around 1900 by folks unknown, the rustic, single room log cabin was once used by Nevada game wardens in 1936 when the Desert NWR was established. More recently, in 2008-2010, the cabin underwent restoration work by volunteers and the Desert NWR staff. It is open for overnight use on a first come-first served basis. The cabin consists of a wood-fired stove, bed, and table and chairs. A small kitchen area is stocked with a few can goods that people bring up for emergencies. Please keep the cabin clean and in better shape than you found it.
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Anderson Cabin

A-ha! What's this?

I was out exploring in the wild hinterlands of Utah a while back, a backcountry cabin caught my eye. There aren’t many other cabins (or mines) out here, so I definitely wanted to pay this one a visit.
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Big Eye Mine, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge


My friend Micah and his family joined us for a fun little trip to the great Sonoran desert at the start of 2016. Winter is a great time to be in the southern deserts and this time we had our sights set on the Big Eye Mine which is down in the south end of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and the Castle Dome Mountains. The mine is reached by fifteen miles of 4wd roads.
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J and J Cabin

Cabin with autumn colors.

Last autumn, we hiked cross-country over a mountain to a seldom visited mine and cabin along a stream in central Nevada. It is a quiet and peaceful spot among the aspen trees.

The mine is caved-in but once consisted of an open stope with an adit leading deeper into the mountain. Some nice looking gold ore sits on the mine dump just outside the adit. Down below, there is a small mine camp with an empty cabin and outhouse. Ruins of what appear to be an older make-shift blacksmith shop stand nearby. I found some tin cans and broken wooden pieces of a bellows hidden in the sagebrush. All waiting patiently for some forgotten prospector to return.

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“Old Yard” Cabin

Inside, the place is fully furnished but neglected.

A few weeks ago, we packed our daypacks full of water and took a long hike traversing a mountain range. We stopped by a few interesting mines and cabins along the way. This was one of the more unique ones.
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“Chalcedony” Cabin

Desert dreams under the stars.

On a scorching late spring day, about three months ago, we journeyed out to a lonely cabin in the central heart of the Mojave Desert. This is a barren landscape of sand and lava. Any roads that once traversed this wasteland were wiped out by monsoonal thunderstorms long ago.

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