1900s Abandonded miners cabin, Mineral County

Getting closer to the cabin.  The roof is made of old flattened tins. Note the nearly caved mine adit in the background.

I met up with my hiking buddy, Eduardo, a few weekends ago in the western Nevada (Mineral County) desert. We did a couple of five hour hikes to some remote and long forgotten miner’s cabins tucked away in the hills. There were no roads, heck, there wasn’t even a trail. We went cross-country. We made a long loop out of this trip. Anyway, they aren’t the easiest places to reach. This is one of the cabins we hiked to.

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“Tower” Canyon Ruins

Thunderstorms are brewing.

This is a remote Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) ruin site with many ruined towers and cliff dwellings. I had read about the site some time ago and was eager go check it out. The site is not hard to reach, but hours of hiking and climbing are required to reach some of the ruins. I certainly wasn’t able to explore it all and need to return. The canyon bottom has a creek that probably has water all year and the people who lived here likely farmed crops.

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Single stamp mill ruin, Mineral County

Here you can see a better view of the stamp mill battery.  Note the slot for gold bearing ore sands to pour out.  There should have been an amalgamation table of some sort here as well, but that is long gone.

In late spring of 2012, I was out exploring the hills around Mineral county in western Nevada with my friend Ed. (We were looking for old mines and cabins; of course.) And we stumbled across this old mine site with some colorful tailings while hiking to another mine. We didn’t expect to see anything along the way, so this was a pleasant surprise. We haven’t researched the history of the site yet but it is old. Sometime before WWII would be my guess, or perhaps, even earlier. It was a small operation, so I doubt we will be able to discover much history anyway.

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“Bristlecone” Cabin

Wow!  This is a nice place.

Back in May of 2012, Micah and I took some time to go hiking and try and find a suspected cabin site high in the mountains. I wasn’t sure what we were going to find up there. I thought the only remains we would find of the old cabin site would be a few 2x4s and some sheet metal laying on the ground. That would be OK though; historical trash is neat.

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