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Sylvania Mill

This mine was discovered in the early 1870s, and was worked first by Mexicans. In 1909 the claims were bought by the Clair family and worked for a long time after.

The mill has been heavily vandalized over the years. It doesn’t look like this anymore as much of the artifacts have been removed.
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Atlanta Mine

This modern gold and silver mill had been in operational stand-by for the last few years. This district and mine however are old ones. Gold and silver were discovered in the area around 1869, but the mining camp at Atlanta didn’t come until 1907. The mines have been worked intermittently ever since. The current owner was looking to sell or lease the property. There are still plenty of proven gold reserves in the ground.
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Gunmetal Mine

I visited this mine on a trip in 2002 with Lewis, John and Werner. And although I’ve been in the area many times over the years, it wasn’t until recently that Dan and I stopped by again and took a few more photos. I should also mention that the road from the camp up to the mine itself is a little rough with ruts and washouts. 4wd is certainly needed.
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Illinois Mine

Lead-silver and gold ore was first discovered here in 1874. The little camp of Lodi was formed. The town had at least 100 residents by 1878. By 1880, the boom was over and the mine had produced over $400,000. Things were quiet until the mine came to life again in 1905 and Marble camp was formed at the mine. A new 100-ton smelter was finished in June of 1909.
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Wyler Spring Cabin

In February of 2011, my friend Ed and I did a long walk out to the Wyler Spring Cabin. The cabin is in a lesser visited corner of Eureka Valley in the BLM’s Piper Mountain Wilderness.
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Delamar Mine

The mines at Delamar are extensive. They were once separate individual mines but were connected when Captain De Lamar bought them all.

I’ve been here a few times over the years and it’s still one of the best. There are huge stope rooms, square set timbering, winzes, raises, chutes, ladders, drifts, cross-cuts… all set across sixteen levels and over (according to one report) twenty miles of workings. A later mining operation came in and open pit mined the upper three levels of the mine. Most of the workings are now collapsed and inaccessable, but I’ve never fully explored the mine. I know there is more to see. Plan on a couple of 8 hour days, underground, if you want to see everything – it is a lot of walking. Be prepared though, this one doesn’t give up her secrets easily.
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Delamar Ghost Town

The mining camp of Delamar started out as a small tent camp similar to Helene just a few miles to the north and only a few months later. It was centered around the April Fool, Monitor, Gold Cup, Hog Pen and a few other small mines. Captain Joseph De Lamar heard of the strike and came down from Montana to purchase most of the claims in 1894 for $150,000. He consolidated the mines into the Delamar mine and a town quickly spread out just below the mine.
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Magnolia (Helene) Mine

The Magnolia Mine is an old one. It was discovered in 1891 and developed in 1892 mainly for silver. It is one of the first mines of the Ferguson (later Delamar) district. It was worked just before the larger Delamar mine a few miles to the south.
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Howe’s Tank Petroglyphs

I made two trips in search of the petroglyphs at Howe’s Tank. The first trip I was close but ran out of time just a little ways from the site. I went out a week later with Howe’s Tank as my main goal and found it after a little searching. The tank is the result of a wash going over a lava cliff. Floods have scoured out a hole and it fills with seasonal water. This is a life saving resource in this barren wasteland. Photography was pretty tough, as I was shooting directly into the sun. But don’t let my poor pictures turn you away from this special site.
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