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Willow Witch Petroglyphs

Last month, we visited a small petroglyph and pictograph site out in the middle of a lonely Nevada valley. The petroglyphs are primarily around a rain-filled tinaja in a basalt lava flow. The tinaja is the only source of water for some distance. This would have been an important stop while travelling and I think I spotted a faint trail heading off towards the mountains.
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Don Alvadore Mine

The Don Alvadore mine is a single adit and stope 500′ up on a cliff above Lundy Canyon. The old trail to the mine is overgrown and hard to follow in places these days.
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Freiberg Smelter

A while back, we went on a trip through central Nevada and spent a night in old Freiberg. Discovered in 1865, the area was worked for silver. It never produced anything much and only a few small mines and the ruins of a silver smelter are left. This is a nice and quiet place to visit, way out in the middle of nowhere. We felt like we had the whole valley to ourselves; and we pretty much did.
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“Zion Wash” Petroglyphs

This petroglyph site is a small one in the Sonoran desert. It is a dry and harsh area. Scattered among the heavily varnished boulders are a few Desert Abstract petroglyphs. I also found what appear to be rock circles. Maybe this was a small village? This site is also known for a rock that is supposed to ring when you tap it. I didn’t tap on any rocks but the area certainly has had some native American activity.
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“Zigzag” Canyon Petroglyphs

We have done a couple of trips to this fantastic slot canyon full of petroglyphs out in Death Valley. It is a challenge to get in to see them. You will need someone with climbing ability and rope to get up to the main grotto with many of the petroglyphs. The canyon is full of dry falls and slick rock but the site is certainly worth it!
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Cow Cove Petroglyphs

Alysia and I went out for a day trip to check out the petroglyphs at Cow Cove in the Mojave National Preserve. The site was larger than I first expected and worth the trip. I’m surprised it doesn’t get visited more often. This is a great corner of the park and only a short walk to get to some of the petroglyphs.
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“Death Valley Tuff” Petroglyphs

What is truely amazing about this small petroglyph site in Death Valley is that it is in plain view and people pass by it everyday. I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me it is so well hidden in plain sight. If you find it, please respect it and… keep it quiet. You will always pass it in the future with a smile on your face.
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“White Elf” Mine

Dan and I came across this active claim in the remote reaches of Nevada back in 2008. It is an interesting place in some lonely country. We didn’t know it was active until we came across the camp. Of course, we left everything alone. I’m only posting a couple of photos of the camp itself.
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Merger Mine

The Bellehelen Merger mine was a remote gold and silver mine was mainly worked from 1906 to 1930s, and was the principal mine of the district.

There was an active camp with a fifty ton cyanide mill here at one time. Not much is left these days. The mill is long gone and the hills are quiet again.
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“Singer” Mine

Dan and I discovered this abandoned but modern mine on a exploration trip in 2008. This is central Nevada and some mining companies are developing mines out here.

This mine was a good and hidden find. We explored most of it, but probably missed a level or so.
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