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Atlatl Rock

Not exactly a remote site, but Atlatl Rock is worth a stop. The site is inside the Valley of Fire State Park and easy to find. Petroglyphs here are most likely the work of the Virgin River Anasazi (Ancestral Puebloans) and are pretty interesting.
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Blue Jay Mine

The majority of my trips in 2008 had been out to the more remote parts of Death Valley and this one was no exception. I met up with my dad and Dan for a challenging hike to an old mine site. The hike took us about 8 hours round-trip to cover about eight miles of rough terrain.
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2012 Year End Summary

Top 5 posts of 2012: (since the site redesign at the beginning of July)

  1. “Palmer” Mine (posted Dec 1)
  2. Panamint City Pictographs (posted July 31)
  3. Big Bell Mine (posted Aug 31)
  4. “Spur of the Moment” Mine (posted July 30)
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“White Mountain City Ridge” Cabin

One day in late 2010, Ed and I decided to hike to some old mine sites above White Mountain City. The mines around here are from the same time period but this area is farther away from the old ghost town, so we didn’t expect to find much up there. We were right, there isn’t much up here but we did find a few small mines and prospects as expected. We did however also find some old rock cabins and that was a pleasant surprise. I couldn’t track down any information on these minor workings. The mines and ruins probably date to the 1860s or 1870s, which is the same time period White Mountain City was founded.
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“Montgomery and Schroeder” Mine

This mine was a great surprise! It isn’t the biggest mine we’ve ever explored but it has a few things remaining inside of it. Please let it stay that way. If you come across it, do not remove anything. I left out the history and above-ground photos on purpose in effort to protect the site a little.
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Lemoigne’s Wagon

This took some searching and a few hints from a friend but back in 2008, we went searching for Lemoigne’s Wagon. At first, I thought this wagon was related to traffic on the old Skidoo to Keeler trail. But now, I’m inclined to believe it was Lemoigne’s. What puzzles me is its location off of the old road as it is.
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Coyote Gulch (Mojave) Petroglyphs

This is a small petroglyph site out in the Mojave desert near the larger and more well known Black Canyon and Inscription Canyon petroglyph sites. The site is at a choke point where a wash comes through a gap in the hills.
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Copper Globe Mine

The Copper Globe never really had much production but was worked in a minor way for many years, starting in 1906 and going through to WWII. This is some remote country. It was interesting to see that most of the entrances to the workings have filled in from wind blown sand.
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Black Dragon Pictographs

This site is set a little ways back inside of an impressively deep canyon. The site got its name because one of the main pictograph designs resembles a dragon or pterodactyl. Researchers have discovered however that group of pictographs are a collection of five separate images overlapping with each other: One is a bug-eyed person (found in Barrier Canyon sites), the others are of a sheep, a dog and a snake-like creatures.  Nearby, and under a large overhang is a whole wall of Fremont style pictographs. Some symbols look like corn, but there are many counting marks, hand prints, tracks and figures. The site has a mix of pictographs from the Fremont and Barrier Canyon styles. They were around until 1300 AD.

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Thompson Canyon Pictographs

The Thompson Canyon pictographs site (also know as the Sego Canyon pictograph site) is a pretty impressive place. Large panels of Ute, Fremont, Anasazi, Barrier Canyon and Archaic pictographs and petroglyphs adorn the cliff walls of the canyon. People have been coming to this spot in the canyon and painting pictographs here for thousands of years. Why remains a mystery.
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