Well 2016 is finally over, it seemed like a long year. It was a quieter year for the site with only 22 posts but I was out more than ever with 55 days exploring. I took 4,797 photos during those days out, which is not a record but close.

We had some great adventures this year and we made a more than a few discoveries (many of which haven’t been posted yet). Here are some of the trips that I’ve had time to post:
“Monolith Alcove” Pictographs
Big Eye Mine
“Sky Cross” Pictographs (we went here twice this year)
Peg Leg Smith’s Inscription (hunting for a famous lost gold mine in the California desert)
Adamson Mine (the highest mine in the Sierra’s)
Hidden Forest Cabin

Top posts of 2016:
Boxcar Cabin (posted May 14, 2013)
“Wooden Ore Car” Mine (posted December 18, 2015)
Hecla Mining Camp (posted January 5, 2016)
Victorine Mine (posted September 30, 2014)
“Hidden Cave” Pictographs, JTNP (posted January 18, 2013)
Senator Mine (posted March 24, 2016)
Peg Leg Smith’s Inscription (posted May 30, 2016)
California Tunnel (posted February 2, 2016)
Blue Sun Cave Pictographs (posted December 12, 2015)
Cary’s Castle, JTNP (posted February 16, 2016)

And the rest of the posts from 2016.

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