• 2017 Year End Summary (12/31/2017)

    We did a lot of great trips in 2017, including trips in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Hawai’i. I was out exploring for 48 days this year, which isn’t bad.
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  • Maintenance (10/7/2017)

    I’ve been doing some long term maintenance on Starbuck.org. As a result, some trip reports were removed and others have had the order of their photos  mixed up.

    I’m working on this but it will take some time. I don’t quite seem to have the time I used to put into the site. More trip reports are coming though.

  • Recent News (9/7/2017)

    And….  we’re back.  After taking a summer hiatus, we are back to posting. I’m fifty trips behind? A hundred? Oh I forget. (Actually, it’s more). Alright, I will try to post a few a month.
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  • 2016 Year End Summary (1/9/2017)

    Well 2016 is finally over, it seemed like a long year. It was a quieter year for the site with only 22 posts but I was out more than ever with 55 days exploring. I took 4,797 photos during those days out, which is not a record but close.

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  • 2015 Year End Summary (1/1/2016)

    2015 was a busy and eventful year. I was out exploring for 48 days, which is more than last year and averages nearly every weekend. And I’m still way behind on posting trips…

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  • Recent News (9/6/2015)

    9/6/15: I added a few more photos and text to the Silver Dyke Mine. Mostly about the stamp mill remains I found there. Also, I added photos from a return trip to the Belmont Mill and mine we made earlier this year.
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  • Recent News (7/12/2015)

    7/12/15: Updated the Silver Dyke Mine page with photos from a revisit in late 2014. Added quite a few more photos from inside and our visit to the upper camp.

    Don’t forget to like my Facebook page: Starbuck’s Exploring. I occasional post photos there that don’t seem to make it to this site.

  • Recent News (2/23/2015)

    2/20/15: Updated “Zion Wash” trip with some background information. Finally learned a bit more on who built the place.

    Also, check out our new Facebook page: Starbuck’s Exploring. I’m posting news and a few photos there. Be sure to like the page for updates.

  • 2013 notes (1/1/2015)

    I was pretty busy in 2013. Highlights for me include a trip to the Mt Wilson Observatory and hiking over 70 miles in Joshua Tree NP (in one week). I was out for an amazing 77 days in 2013. I did quite a few trips.

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  • 2014 Year End Summary (1/1/2015)

    I realized that I am way behind on posts. Years behind in fact. Oh well. I will continue to post new and old stuff as I have time.

    I was out exploring for about 40 days in 2014. That is pretty good.

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