Sandstone Cabin

“Sandstone” Cabin

We stumbled across this remote cabin back in 2010. Like so many cabins I come across, I haven’t been able to find the history on this one. I call it the “Sandstone” cabin because there is a bit of sandstone in the area, which is quite unusual. There are a few minor silver prospects nearby and I suspect this cabin was built to support one of them.

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Nelson Range Cabin

Lee Hilton, DVNP

Also known as Macey’s Cabin and the Nelson Cabin, it was built for the Cerrussite Mine which it sits next to. It is a cozy little spot we’ve been visiting since 1999.

J. F. Wasson staked a claim on the site in February 25, 1954.  The cabin probably dates from around then and has been improved a number of times over the years. The mining claim was quitclaimed by Sam Wasson to Jim Macey on May 5, 1986. He worked it occasionally until the California Desert Protection Act expanded the boundaries of Death Valley National Park in 1994. (And consequently made Death Valley the largest national park in the lower 48 states.) Since then, it has been available on a first-come, first served basis. Please treat it with respect and keep it clean. A risk of Hantavirus exists in old cabins like this.
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MV Mill

MV Mill

I found this hidden mill a few years ago. It is unusual in that it was powered by a Pelton wheel. Water was funnelled into a ditch and then a pipe and poured over the waterwheel, which drove the equipment inside. A water powered mill is a rare sight in the land of little rain.
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Death Valley Miocene camel tracks

“Camel Track” Canyon, DVNP

Friends, Larry and Janene from Moby Goes, took us on a little trip over to what I’m calling “Camel Track” Canyon out in Death Valley country. (The actual small canyon is unnamed on the map.)

A cross-country hike led us into a small canyon filled with sedimentary rocks. On a small shelf, we found a set of fossil camel tracks from the Miocene epoch! The tracks are more than five million years old. It was truly an amazing find. Thanks guys for showing me this little spot.

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Alice Hunt Pictographs

Alice Hunt Pictograph Shelter, DVNP

I recently led a few friends out to search for a some rock art sites in a canyon in Death Valley. It was still pretty early in the season, so it wasn’t hot yet.

We were hunting for some petroglyph and pictograph sites in the canyon. I know there are more than half a dozen sites scattered throughout the canyon, but I haven’t had the time to hike to them all yet. For this trip, we went looking for one of the easier ones to find.

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Nevada view

Mine near the “Engagement” Mine

We recently returned to Nevada to do some mine exploring. We found a couple of new sites and made some discoveries at some old favorites. This was a new discovery near the “Engagement” Mine.  I haven’t come across any of the history on this place but it is clear that it dates back to the late 1880s. I suspect it was a small silver prospect.

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