July 1st 2014 YTD Summary

Two years ago I re-created this site on WordPress. (The site has existed since 1997.) Overall, I have to say I still like the format. Lately though, I’ve slowed down on posting. I’m still going out often, but I’ve been taking a hiatus on posting to work on other long delayed projects.
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Owens Valley 3 stamp mill

Owens Valley three stamp mill

Last year, I stopped by a forgotten and overlooked three stamp mill in the backcountry of Owens Valley. Seems like even the locals don’t know it exists.

Besides being off the beaten path, the stamp mill is unusual in that it had only three stamps instead of the typical five. Perhaps each stamp was added one at a time as funds became available for this small operation? The mine the mill served was never very big and reportedly was last active in the 1920s.

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